Hydraulic cylinder service bench






September 12, 2018

The development of our cylinder service bench ZYLFIX with different performance levels and in different sizes in running. We will start our studybench in the next few weeks. We are open for preorders or a memorandum of understanding without Obligation, for a deliveringslot end of 2019. Sales prices are currently not fixed.

- Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Martin Trenkle



April 4, 2016

During bauma2016 we invite all interested parties to house exhibition.

Live experience at our Zylfix 50-6000 the maintenance of a hydraulic cylinder.

We ask for an appointment at:

Phone +49 8131 3727120 or

email: bauma@zylfix.de  

- Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Martin Trenkle



November 27, 2015

"In response to customer requests, we are going to offer cylinder service benches with different performance levels and in different sizes. Our development team is already working on a bigger and a smaller solution." 
- Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Martin Trenkle



June 8, 2015

"Our customers are already profiting from the quick repair times drastically reduced downtime of their construction machines."- Werner Luidl



June 8, 2015

"Our cooperation with Trenkle GmbH was facilitated by our urgent desire to render the disassembly and assembly during hydraulic cylinder maintenance safer and our readiness to invest. We can finally say goodbye of our previous assembly stands.” - Werner Luidl



July 15, 2015

"With our cylinder bank, we have changed the market and raised it to a new level. We develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs and offer real benefit." - Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Martin Trenkle



Dachau, June 1, 2015


New innovation at Trenkle GmbH
In cooperation with Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, Trenkle GmbH has developed a groundbreaking machine for the maintenance of hydraulic cylinders of almost all sizes. The first 6 type ZYLFIX 50-6000 machines have been in smooth operation at different Zeppelin branches since the end of 2014. The feedback was overwhelming. A cylinder bank for the disassembly, maintenance and assembly of hydraulic cylinders of such a quality and easy handling has never existed on the market. General manager Martin Trenkle confirms, “With our cylinder bank, we want to set an example in terms of quality, safety, simplicity and environmental compatibility.”

January 2015
Another three series-produced type ZYLFIX 50-6000 machines get shipped to Zeppelin branches, employees receive training and instructions.

December 2014
The first two series-produced type ZYLFIX 50-6000 machines get shipped to Zeppelin branches, employees receive training and instructions.

November 2014
Patent for Germany is granted.

July 2014
ZYLFIX is registered as a trademark.

July 2014
European and international patent is filed for and published.

April 2014
The first machine, our prototype ZYLFIX 50-6000, is shipped to the Munich branch of Zeppelin, employees receive training and instructions.

January 2013
Patent for Germany is filed for.

From day one of development to series production
It was a long way from the first drafts to shipping the first series models. The development phase took almost four years during which time, we tested and retested and fine-tuned until everything was just right. When we put up the prototype at our customer’s site, we knew right away that it had been worth all time and effort. A cylinder back that can be put up in only 15 minutes, because it does not require a floor mounting with dowels and that can be operated by a single person right after receiving our machine-operator training is an all-time first. Our customers were also impressed with the ergonomic handling via joystick which allows safely operating the machine with single-side access.

Technical requirements had to be met
Among the technical challenges was achieving accuracy and reliable reproducibility of the freely adjustable torque when tightening the nut at the push of a button. It was our target to keep up a constant value with a reliable deviation of max. 2% - this was not easy to achieve. It took a long series of tests, continuous adjustments and improvement to make sure that everything was up to our own high standards.

A tribute to the environment
An important aspect of development was sustainability. How could we set a positive example by protecting the environment with our new invention. All materials used should be 100% recyclable. 100% of the energy for the production at our company is green energy – our own solar panels on the roof generate 5 times the amount of electricity we currently use in the course of a whole year.

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