Hydraulic cylinder service bench

Trenkle GmbH, 2014.

ZYLFIX 50-6000

"Simplify maintenance"
"Simplify the repair and maintenance of your hydraulic cylinders by far. The simple 1-man operation saves you time and resources – and safety is still the top priority."
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Martin Trenkle

ZYLFIX is a machine for the disassembly and assembly of hydraulic cylinders of all kinds. Its innovative design turns the repair and maintenance of large cylinders into a safe and efficient one-technician job. 

The self-supporting frame renders floor mounting obsolete; the only thing necessary for operations is a power connection. The drive systems for the torque-controlled actuator and for pulling the cylinder barrel and loosening the piston bolting are purely electric and meet the latest technical standards.

Joystick operation combined with a text display is modern, easy & safe to handle. The necessary torques are simply entered and displayed directly at the displayrbar.

Technical data:

  • Adjustable tightening torque                1.000 Nm to 35.000 Nm (limited by Software)
  • Loosening torque                                        50.000 Nm
  • Working length max.                                 6000 mm
  • External cylinder Ø                                    max. 500 mm
  • Bearing eyes Ø                                             36 - 200 mm
  • Speed at loosening/tightening             0,7 revolutions/min.
  • Speed (rapid traverse)                              0 - 7  revolutions/min.


  • Machine length                                            8.515 mm
  • Machine width                                              1.065 mm
  • Machine higth                                               1.393 mm
  • Weigth                                                              ca. 3.740 kg
  • Power Connection                                      400V 16A (3Ph)

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